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Terms & conditions
Datum: 01-07-2010
1 Definitions
a. all pages of the website, in whatever language;
b. BBV: Bed&Breakfast; Vakantie, the owner of;
c. Information: all data, images, documents, files and other content material that is available on;
d. Visitor: any party accessing or any information that is available on the website;
e. Terms & conditions: the terms & conditions as described in this document.
2 Applicability
2.1 These terms and conditions apply to the access of and the use of information that’s available on the website.
2.2 BBV reserves the right to, unilaterally and without prior notice, change or amends these terms and conditions.
3Ownership and intellectual property rights
3.1 is protected by copyright. All rights, including all intellectual property rights, belong to BBV.
3.2 is for personal use only. It is not permitted to copy any information, unless it is for personal, private and non-commercial use on a single computer and/or for printing a single hard copy for personal, private and non-commercial use.
3.3 It is prohibited to reproduce (a part of) the information available on in another website (with or without frames), database or computer network. Without prior written consent by BBV it is not permitted to establish a link (other than a hyperlink), deep link or gateway between and any other website, search engine or computer network.
3.4 It is not permitted to copy addresses or transfer addresses to another database or computer network. Simultaneous emailing of commercial and non-commercial information to more than one address is prohibited.
3.5 All brand names and logos on this site are the property of BBV, unless stated otherwise. These brand names and logos may not be used without prior written permission by BBV.
3.6 Use of the site or reproduction of any materials on the site which is not according to these Terms & Conditions carries a penalty of € 5,000. The penalty will be owed by the violating party without a warning notice or other prior notification.
The use of address details to send emails or mailings without the prior consent of BBV, carries a penalty of € 1,000 per infringement. Each notice in a detected email will be regarded as an individual offence. The violating party must immediately cease the infringement and will owe the amount of € 500 in addition to the previously mentioned amount for each day that the infringement continues after having been informed by BBV.
3.7 All rights not expressly granted in these Terms & Conditions are reserved.
4 Liability
4.1 BBV has made great effort to offer the most current and correct information on However BBV cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. The information about the Bed & Breakfasts is provided by the Bed & Breakfast owners. BBV is not liable whatsoever for the contents of this information. The visitor is fully responsible for the use of the information and has to check personally whether the information correct and complete.
4.2 BBV is under no circumstances liable for any damages arising from:
a. the use of the website or the use of the information that’s available on the website;
b. the use of a website or the information on a website to which a link has been established on or the use of a website;
c. the use of a website or the information on a website, which has established a link to;
d. violation on the right of third parties through (the use of) or the information available on
 The above does not apply in as far as the damages are the result of gross negligence or intention on the part of BBV.
4.3 BBV is not involved in any transactions between the visitor and any third party that are made via BBV is not liable in any way for the results or damages resulting from these transactions.
4.4 BBV strives to have accessible for 24 hours a day. BBV is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the website being not accessible.
4.5 BBV reserves the right to suspend the accessibility of the website temporarily or permanently, without prior notice. BBV reserves the right to deny a visitor or third party the access to the website without stating a reason and to implement technical measures to enforce this. BBV is not liable for any loss or damages resulting from this.
4.6 The visitor is responsible for the purchase, use and maintenance of all telephone equipment, computer hardware and other equipment required to visit and use BBV is not be liable for any damages to the visitor's equipment resulting from the use of or visits to the website.
5 Personal information
5.1 During the visit of the website, the visitor’s personal information may be collected and processed by BVV. More details are provided in the privacy policy of BBV. The visitor has to take notice of the privacy policy.
6 Governing law and disputes
6.1 These Terms & Conditions and any (other) agreement between the visitor and BBV shall be governed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands. Disputes, which are not settled amicably, shall be submitted to the competent judge in the Netherlands.
6.2 If any of these Terms & Conditions should be determined to be, fully or partly, unlawful, void or otherwise unenforceable, then the parties are considered to have agreed terms on the subject which, in intent and result, are as close as possible to the terms determined unlawful, void or otherwise unenforceable and which are lawful, valid and enforceable.
6.3 These Terms & Conditions are a translation of the original Dutch version. For the interpretation of this English version the text in Dutch shall be the leading text.
6.4 The visitor is responsible for compliance with any applicable laws of the country from which the visitor is accessing>
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